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PALLITE PIX Picking Solutions 

This Picking Solution is revolutionising pick-face storage and product selection. Durable, strong, lightweight and available at a great offer price, there’s no better time for your customers to start storing more in less space!
There are three options to choose from.

Pallite Pix 12  Size H1940mm x W1200 x D1000mm This system is well-suited to use within warehouse racking. It offers 12 pick-faces, a
depth of 1000mm, and a maximum shelf storage load capacity of up to 200kg can be achieved

Pallite Pix 16 H1940 x W1200 x D1000mm system is specially designed
to safely store smaller products. Offers 16 pick faces, a depth of 1000mm, and a maximum shelf
the storage load capacity of up to 160kg.

Pallite Pix 32 Twin H1940mm x W1200 x D1000mm  This is a double-sided system designed to split a pallet space in half, allowing for picking from both sides. Available with 32 pick-faces, and an internal pick-face depth of 450mm.



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Pallite Pix

Pix 12 H1940 x W1200 x D1000mm, Pix 16 H1940 X W1200 x D1000mm, Pix 32 Twin H1940 x W1200 x D1000mm